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Acoustic masonry blocks

Acoustic masonry blocks. Search all products, brands and retailers of Acoustic masonry blocks: discover prices, catalogues and new features

How to Soundproof Floors

How to soundproof floors with Noisestop Systems range of floor soundproofing products. Reduce airborne and impact noise between floors by increasing the sound insulation between floors. Find out which is the best soundproofing materials for soundproofing timber and concrete floors.

Sound Insulation

Technical Notes 5A - Sound Insulation - Clay Masonry Walls (Reissued August 2000) INTRODUCTION The sound insulation or sound transmission loss of a wall is that property which enables it to resist the passage of noise or sound from one side to the other. This should not be confused with sound absorption which is that

Producing mycelium insulation

Submit a DIY (Do It Yourself) protocole to produce mycelium insulation panels, as we did with cardboard and wool insulation, measuring the technology’s costs, main disadvantages and benefits. Define Critical Concrete’s own recipe to produce cheap, performant and ecological mycelium insulation through the bricks experiment.

The Benefits of Roof Tiles

Tiles have been around for centuries proving their long lasting style, durability and sustainability. With natural thermal mass insulation properties, clay and concrete roof tiles contribute to the overall thermal performance and energy savings of a well designed home.

Standard Grey Block by Austral Masonry

When comparing other products on the market concrete masonry is an affordable option. This is especially true when considering the complete building system as concrete masonry can reduce or negate the need for accessory products such as sarking and insulation.

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SOUND TRANSMISSION CLASS RATINGS FOR CONCRETE MASONRY WALLS TEK 13-1C Sound (2012) INTRODUCTION Unwanted noise can be a major distraction, whether at school, work or home. Concrete masonry walls are often used for their ability to isolate and dissipate noise. Concrete masonry offers excellent noise control in two ways. First,

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Faux Stone Wall

AirStone goes up quickly and easily — even around corners and edges. All you need is a putty knife, a hacksaw and a tub of our premixed adhesive. Easy to apply and easy to cut, it can be installed directly onto most surfaces including drywall, concrete and brick.

Technical Notes

Technical Notes on Brick Construction are FREE bulletins that contain design, detailing, and construction information based on the latest technical developments in brick masonry. Drawings, photographs, tables, and charts illustrate appropriate topics. Technical Notes on Brick Construction are recommendations on the use of fired clay brick. They ...

Sound Absorption blockwork, Sound Insulation concrete blocks

Lignacite have established a reputation for their extensive range of high quality commodity and architectural facing masonry blocks capable of improving acoustic, sound absorption and sound insulation values. Sound absorption is an extremely effective method of lessening the echo and noise within a space, room or building.


Non-flammable C-COAT™ thermal insulation that combines features of C-COAT™ Standard and corresponds to NF (non-flammable, KM 0) grade of flammability classification for use at facilities requiring NF group materials. Designed for se on metal, wood, concrete, brick, glass and plastic surfaces.

Sustainable construction: wooden house

Sustainable construction is a more ecological and economic alternative compared to homes made of traditional brick. Wooden houses are a more ecological and economic alternative than homes made of traditional brick and concrete. Wood is not only a part of nature, but its use is beneficial for the environment. These wooden homes are made from ...

What's best for a soundproof wall, hollow or solid bricks

What's best for a soundproof wall, hollow or solid bricks? ... best sound insulation. And a solid foam block may be better than a hollow one. ... two brick layers or ...

Fire Resistance and Sound Insulation of Concrete Masonry for

Adbri Masonry acknowledges the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia’s (CMAA) ‘Design of Concrete Masonry Building’s Manual’ MA55 in the development of the wall systems. Contents Preface Introduction This brochure is intended as a guide for the design of walls requiring fire resistance using Adbri Masonry products in New South Wales.

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How to Soundproof a Concrete Ceiling

With concrete ceilings, the task becomes more complex because insulation cannot be added to the inside of a ceiling, and simply applying drywall won't be as effective. To properly soundproof a concrete ceiling, space must be created for the sound to pass through before it encounters the drywall and sound insulation you add.

Concrete Wall Panelling

Concrete Wall Panelling . Introducing one of Panespol’s® most extraordinary success stories, celebrating the stark decorative appeal of unfinished concrete. A look for interiors and exteriors worldwide as a representative of city cool and avant-garde architecture. The BETON styles faithfully captures the rough and smooth of this concrete.

Concrete Blocks & Bricks - Concrete, Cement & Masonry

The 16 in. x 8 in. x 4 The 16 in. x 8 in. x 4 in Concrete Block 33 lb. is manufactured to ASTM C 90 specifications and used in foundations and above-grade masonry walls. This heavy weight solid block is uniformly square and free of large chips.

Thermal Conductivity of selected Materials and Gases

Thermal conductivity is a material property that describes ability to conduct heat.Thermal conductivity can be defined as "the quantity of heat transmitted through a unit thickness of a material - in a direction normal to a surface of unit area - due to a unit temperature gradient under steady state conditions"

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Asbestos identification photo guide to building materials

Asbestos product photo guide: This article provides a photo guide to and list of asbestos-containing products & materials, and links to detailed articles about individual asbestos-containing products & materials found in buildings and in a wide range of products used in both home and industry.

ICF Construction - What You Need to Know About an ICF

Jan 27, 2018 · ICF Construction – What You Need to Know About an ICF Home. January 27, 2018 By Laurie Neverman 72 Comments This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission.

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Specific Heat of Solids

The specific heat of some commonly used solids is given in the table below.. For conversion of units, use the Specific heat online unit converter.. See also tabulated values of specific heat of gases, food and foodstuff, metals and semimetals, common liquids and fluids and other common substances as well as values of molar heat capacity of common organic substances and inorganic substances.

Sound insulation performance of aerated concrete walls

As a result, the sound insulation performance of aerated concrete walls of lower and higher density had to be examined. This time, the tests involved aerated concrete walls of approx. 300 kg/m3 and between 900 to 1,000 kg/m3 density. It was shown that the sound insulation performance could be expected to be slightly higher for densities

How to Soundproof Concrete Walls

Jun 22, 2017 · Concrete walls are a common choice in both commercial and residential buildings or rooms where soundproofing is important. The sheer thickness and durability of concrete often leaves many thinking it must be the best material choice for blocking sound, but this actually isn't quite true.

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